Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Secrets Revealed: The Manifestation Cycle Explained and It's All About Your Intentions

You are what you eat. 

The same applies to the manifestation cycle. Manifestation is about the Law of Attraction. I have seen many videos about how to use your mind to attract money, and good luck to you. All of this speculation about attracting abundance with a simple thought process of positive thinking is seductive.  

That is how podcasters and video clip makers manage to attract abundance to themselves by spooning out information and not putting the puzzle pieces together for you. It is not to say their information is 100% incorrect. Just a bit manipulative. 

There are some helpful ideas and hints in their videos. What is lacking is the real meat of the situation. What guidance are they holding back to keep you in lack and coming back for more tidbits? 

Let's breakdown manifestation.

Can you manifest with only the power of your mind? Yes... and no. 

The Law of Attraction contends that a person can use their energy to bring to them their desires. What is missing is the step-by-step process of attracting to yourself what you desire. Once you learn it, you will be amazed on how we live in abundance.


Your Guide:

First, eliminate the word "need." I need money! If you need something, then the universe believes you are in the energy of "lack," or absence, and then the universal energies will continue to send you lack thereof because that is what you are asking of the universe.

Second, what are you doing? The universe wants to see your action plan. If you are asking to be a bestselling author, but you have been writing your first novel for the past fifteen years... what exactly are you doing? You need a plan to activate your manifestation.

Third, what do you believe? The universe wants what is in your best and highest good. In the spirit of the Collective Consciousness, you may want to do a personal Mission Statement with a Vision and set of Goals for your life's purpose. When you know what will work for you in the long run, then universe can continue to manifest your best and highest good through your short- and long- term goals. 

Fourth, believe in yourself. Why not? What do you have to lose? When you cast doubt on yourself, your goals, and your actions, then the universe cannot link your energy to that of your best and highest good. Believe, feel your belief, that what you asked for is on the way... and then, leave it there. Let the universe do the rest for you. 

Fifth, feel in your heart and soul that you are receptive to what the universe has to offer. If you create an online order, but give the vendor the wrong shipping address, then the order can never be delivered to you. When you cut yourself off from receiving with emotions and thoughts of doubt, disappointment, and lack, then the universe has no way to deliver because you are not in receiving mode. 

Sixth, abundance takes time. When the universe, your request, and your energy are in sync for your best and highest good, then your order will be delivered. The universe does not work on your schedule, but on the energetic datebook of reception. 

Seventh, your imagination is your greatest ally. Daydream about how your request will improve your already given abundance. Feel that your request to the universe is a part of your life. You have it. Daydream how that emotion of completion feels and how your request is within you. 

Eighth, be a grateful person. If you love what you have, then the universe believes you should receive more of what fulfills you.

Ninth, attract abundance with your intentions. What do you intend to do? You know your mission, vision, and goals in life. You believe in what your purpose is. You feel that your request is an opportunity for your best and highest good. You are acting on your path to abundance with positive thought processes, your imagination is filled with how your request fulfills you more, and you are grateful for what the universe has already given you. You have made your intentions clear.

Have I missed anything? 

Manifestation comes down to your individual intentions. Everything from the guidance above is centered around your intent. So intend with purpose.

Many videos forget to assert that YOU are the protagonist in your circumstance. The Law of Attraction is reminding us all that WE are the HERO in our own lives. Life is about the hero's journey. 

Isn't it about time we reclaim the hero inside ourselves and take this sage advice?



Gratitude- if you don't love what you have, then why should the universe give you more? Show the universe you are grateful for the bounty that its energy has already given you, in order for you to receive more of what you love.

Ungratefulness- if you contend: I started with nothing and have most of it left, then nothing is what the universe will continue to give to you. 

Proaction- if you sit on your duff, then you are not creating energy of attraction. If you act in a manner that is congruent with your intentions via your goals, then the universe will work with you.

Positive energy- if you are negative about yourself and your situation, then you are defeating the purpose of attracting abundance to you. Like begets like... so like yourself.


Personal story: 

To illustrate how powerful intentions and manifestation are: I have manifested a house to me. When I was 24, I needed a house because of family circumstances by the new year 1997 and it was already Halloween. There were no houses on the market that I could afford. Unbeknownst to me, I innately provided the universe the energy, proaction, and determination (belief in oneself) to attract the right house, for the right price, and with the right realtors to me. I was handed the keys to the house on Christmas Day.

By the way, I still live in that same house, but manifestation does not always work like we want it to. Later on in life, I was not as focused and manifestation kept failing me. I almost gave up on myself.

When I could not find assistance to help me afford a new central air conditioner/heater for my home, I thought I was doomed. I had tried off and on for about four years. I was heartbroken. I felt that I could not manifest what I needed to survive the desert heat and cold. 

The mechanism was not the problem. How I expected to manifest was the issue. I thought I needed to use donations. I was asking people for assistance, and not the universe. This created a negative feedback loop. 

So, the universe kept giving me what I needed because I was asking from a place of LACK

Then I stopped myself. I reevaluated what was going on. Instead of asking people, I began asking the universe for signs to accomplish my goal. I wanted to know how the universe would help me make this life change. How would the universe help? Send me a sign!  

The weirdest things began happening to me. I started receiving online and email advertisements for refinancing homes. In prior years, I had been told that my interest rate was too low for me to receive a refi. In the coming weeks, that all changed. The interest rates lowered to where I was eligible to refinance my home loan. 

In days, I started the process of refinancing my home on March 18th, but that lender never got back to me. I receive an estimate of $5500 for a new unit on April 7th. I began a new refi application on April 9th, with my current lender. On April 19th, I closed. April 26th, I paid for my new unit. By the last day of the month, I had replaced my fifteen-year-old unit. The duration from the date I applied with my current, but second lender, to the receipt of funds, and then to the new unit replacing my old one, was an astounding 21 days. 

I have the paperwork to prove it. 

But if you want the conservative statistic, then from March 18th to April 30th was 42 days. That is still quite remarkable in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. So take whichever one floats your boat.


So, I relearned 25 years later how to manifest what I needed from a place of goal-oriented perseverance, and not one of lack.  

Do you now understand how the universe works? You cannot sit idly by and wait for millions of dollars to show up in your bank account. The universe wants you to be grateful for what it has already provided you and that you are not afraid of a little hard work. 

So... get to work! 

What do you want to manifest in your life for your best and highest good? 

Have a magical day.