Trace your Authentic Self, purchase an Oracle Card Reading from Moon Mullan.

Your Energy Knows the Path You Walk.
First Quarter Quarterly

Choose your General Reading: 
  • 1 Card Reading, $10
  • 3 Card Reading, $15
  • 5 Card Reading, $25

By the Full Moon's Light

Choose a Traditional Reading:
  • Past, Present, Future Reading, $20
  • By the Planets Reading, $45
  • Ten Card Spread Reading, $65

From the Last Quarter Corner 

Choose a Lunar Guidance Reading:
  • Path of the Moon Reading, $30
  • Eclipse State Reading, $45
  • Blue Moon Shining Reading, $60
  • Black Moon Rising Reading, $75


Readings are done by email.

For specific questions, please ask about our private consultation readings and prices via our private messaging on our social media pages. Depending on how in depth the question, per hour readings begin at $65 and go up from there. 

Thank you.