Moon Mullan writes essays, articles, and research that may be valuable on your journey. Dive right in and see what interpretations for transits, numbers, and other fascinating mysteries are revealed to you from the universe.

Including... learning about Positive Affirmations that will inspire you to create more for yourself.  Is your life out of control, and you keep getting plowed down by the steamroller of life? 
Perhaps you are not sending out the right signals. In this informational book, learn how to use positive affirmations like I AM to turn that negative energy broadcast into positive feedback from the Universe. It is easy. It is fun. Learn a new way to attract abundance.

Learn about how the Saturn Retrograde can affect you no matter where the planet resides in your chart. 

Ever wonder why you cannot get out of rut? Find out where Saturn is in your astrological birth chart and where his current transit lies. 
Could Saturn be in Retrograde? 
Discover how this influence changes your perspective with The Cult of YOU, Saturn Retrograde, An Essay on Astrology.
Spiritual Quest: Ground and Align is the first book in the metaphysical series called: Spiritual Quest. 
Take this visual meditation to new heights in your living imagination. Repeat as often as you would like. For any experience level.
We all have them. The haunted house we inherited from our parents and their parents before them. To some people, religion is the haunted house that keeps them from knowing or understanding the spiritual side of life. 
In this unique perspective, the author offers an explanation of why humanity owns these haunted houses... with a satirical twist. 
Is your religion haunting you? Find out in the entertaining essay: Religion is Like Owning a Haunted House.
This site is about knowledge and creating your own Authentic you. Be different. Be wise. Then you can inspire others to do the same. 

Moon has her books published through Sonoran Dawn Studios on More books will be available soon.
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Have a magical day.