Our fate is written in the stars, so why not find out just what your planets, signs, fixed stars, and asteroids say about you?

The Planets are the Gateway to Self-Knowledge.

Digital Art

If you would like a jpg of your personal chart, please choose: 
  • Chart Art Black & White - 6"x6" 300dpi jpg image, $45
  • Chart Art Color of Your Choice* - 6"x6" 300dpi jpg image, $45

Artwork is nonrefundable.
*Other colors may be employed to enhance the chart's aesthetics and this image does not come with an interpretation.

By the Signs

If you would like specific sign/house readings, please choose:
  • Sun Sign Reading, $35
  • Moon Sign Reading, $35

In the Charts

If you would like a full chart reading, please choose: 
  • General Reading, $65
  • General Reading with 3 Fixed Stars, $80
  • General Reading with 3 Asteroids, $80
  • General Reading with 3 Fixed Stars & 3 Asteroids, $100 

For specific questions, please ask about our private consultation readings and prices via our private messaging on our social media pages. Depending on how in depth the question, per hour readings begin at $100 and go up from there. 

Thank you. 

For any reading to be of service to you, you will need to email/private message Moon Mullan the following information: your birth time, date, and location.