Welcome to Moon Mullan

Welcome to this corner of the internet!
Are you ready to step across the threshold and into adventure? 
Then walk this way and sit down at my table. 
How many intuitive empaths do you know who have spoken to Anubis? Charon? And, seen the Grim Reaper in real life and is alive to tell about it? Sounds ominous but is completely true. 

The multiverse is well beyond our expectations. 

Good thing we do not need a passport to visit our spiritual selves. 

Divination is a great way to have the energies deciphered so we can know which way to turn. Cards and stones cannot choose our paths for us, but they can give us road signs to see if we are headed for a cliff or simply a red light. 

Choose a door. Step inside. Your adventure awaits. 

I cannot wait to read for you, 

Moon Mullan