Monday, January 24, 2022

Venus Retrograde and Your Value Shift

We are all going through this shift in energy. What and who we are and what it is that we want? What do we value?

I have been keen to listen to people talk and how their values align with what they espouse. Can your butt cash those philosophical checks your mouth is writing? 

Do you value teaching people how to fish versus giving out charity? Do you value veganism, but sneak a hamburger once a week?

I know people who sway on both sides of politics. I am critical of political extremes, right and left. When I listen to others on whatever side of the fence they straddle, I hear the same complaints over and over again.

I want this. I want that. Is what you want tied to your values? This Venus Retrograde is asking you to evaluate what you value.

Not what you want. What do you value? What do you as a person stand for? 

Let's say you don't believe in charity. You want people who have fallen on hard times to give you a business plan on how to learn to fish for their own prosperity. Well, if people are in a mess, there's a good clue right there, that they don't have planning skills. 

You may want to change your focus to include helping them plan out their goals to be self-sufficient. 

Then there is the issue of people who are on fixed incomes. According to the laws, people on Social Security are not allowed to have a small business or do anything that smells like self-sufficiency, or they will lose their entire stipend. 

So, you may want to adjust your value system to accommodate others in this situation. If people are elderly or disabled, the idea that they can hold down a full time job, let alone the burden of a small business by themselves, is nothing but a deranged fantasy. 

In the other case, if a person values veganism but eats meat, perhaps it is not the ideal for you to strive for. It is obvious that your body is in need of animal protein. You may want to re-evaluate your values to include a healthy diet.

Do you value materialism? Or is value based on something more than the material? Is it friendship? Camaraderie? Support? Respect?

Venus is about emotional fulfillment, pleasure, the lighter side of life, but also about partnership, finances, love, and family affairs.

If you would like to take advantage of this Venus Retrograde, then do a self-inventory. What do you stand for? Are you governed by a personal mission statement (not in a religious context)? Does that viewpoint have its own set of values and goals? 

Here is a guide via Indeed.

Spend some time and do a Venus self-reflection. Create a mission statement with values and goals that help you be proactive, positive, and future-forward in your momentum. 

Venus is asking you about what you value. Have you reevaluated your value system lately? Venus is waiting for your answer.

Have a magical day.