Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Don't Hate the Number 8

The number eight is not associated with Nazis, but unfortunately there is a growing political movement that believes in nonsense. 

Eight is an energy. Let's look at the number as a work of art and turn it on its side. The number is now the symbol for eternity. 

Back to the concept of numerology, 8 is a number that invokes the positive and negative uses of ideas like money. Too many 8's in your reading could be the blessing of a lottery winning energy to the nightmare scenario of spending your winning all too rapidly and dive straight into bankruptcy. 

8... power, finances, control in business, authority, career. This number is every corporate tycoons dream. Well, sort of, eight also becomes what energy you place into your intentions and actions. Want money and power? But, you don't care about others and step on everyone you can use and abuse to go up the corporate ladder?

The number 8 will make sure you meet those people on your way back down. 

Be careful what you wish for! The number eight has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with the Golden Rule. 

So don't spread hate using the number 8.