Sunday, December 22, 2019

Welcome to Winter! Now Standstill...

As I do at every turn of the seasons, I reached for my Rune cards. 

What will this season bring? The Cards spoke: Eihwaz, Uruz reversed, and Nauthiz.That pretty much says: winter is here.

This season look for obstacles to get in your way. Those challenges are here to teach you patience, serenity in the face of adversity, and stillness in the midst of a storm.

Winter is about hunkering down until spring arrives. That is exactly what the Runes are conveying to us: it's time to standstill and reflect. Any obstructions should be seen as tools and may even become positive outcomes if we reach inside ourselves. We maybe our own worst enemy. 

Are you self sabotaging? 
Are you ignoring an issue you need to deal with? 
Have you tried to move forward but life keeps holding you back? 

You may need to search inside and find what is keeping you from reaching your goals. Winter is here to help guide you into spring. So relax and take some time for yourself. Plan out your goals and how you can take challenges in stride. 

The universe is here to guide you. 

Won't you sit with your cup of joe or hot cocoa and let the energies work for you?