Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Buckle Up! It Only Gets Weirder from Here

Let's do the Retrograde Dance! 

It's like musical chairs to an awesome beat, but no one put any chairs out on the dance floor! So when the music stops, we all end up on our behinds on the tile. I guess we forgot to check our schedule, while we were in each other's business and at each other's throats. 

Look at the mess we made. Drinks were split everywhere. We cannot get onto our feet because of the liquid hydroplaning we are doing. People are crashing into each other. Expletives are flying. Love connections are on and off again. Any semblance of reality is really just an illusion. 

With Retrogrades in Mars (War!), Jupiter (Expansion), Uranus (Innovation), Neptune (Illusions), and Chiron (Wounded Healer), we can only rely on the Sun (Personal Identity), Moon (Emotions), Mercury (Communication), Saturn (Restrictions), and Venus (Values) to help guide us from certain self-destruction. 

But is having that overdue internal conversation with ourselves really that terrible?

What we have to avoid at this time of inner reflection and heighten emotions is taking other people with us. Down with us? It is the Shadow half of the year and the veil that keeps energies in their special compartments has the doors wide open until the next Full Moon, which happens to be an eclipse. 

Can life get any more difficult? 

What these energies are showing you is that where there is a challenge, there is a conversation you should be having with yourself. You should not be taking out your impatience, lack of motion, left-brain fixations, self-delusions, or heartache out on other people. You need to sit down with yourself: meditate, journal, draw, and/or paint and find resolution and balance. 

If one Retrograde can throw you out of balance, then five is an avalanche. 

So, take some time to evaluate what it is you want from yourself and others by creating healthy boundaries on your time and energy. What I have found helpful in the past is Covey's First Things First priotization.

Here is a worksheet from Purdue University to assist you. Sit down, read it, and then apply the principles to your own life. 

Then when a Retrograde, or five, comes to your dance floor, you will remember to remind the chair duty officer to bring them out of storage. You may not get a seat when the music stops, but it is better than having a tropical drink in your lap.


Have a magical day.



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