Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Crown of Horns or Hope?

For this week's general tarot card reading, The Empress was drawn.

Are you feeling flighty? Distracted? Or, nonchalant? Perhaps you have been channeling your inner Diva with acts of magnanimous gratitude or even your impetus wrath. 

We must be careful not to be superficial. 

With all the retrograde planets as well as other transits making themselves known, we have to learn to balance all the energies.  These energies though focused inward can lead to outward outbursts.

The Full Moon on Tuesday is a Lunar Eclipse. Is The Empress telling us to check our privilege at the door when dealing with others? We need to be the positive side of this card. We need to spread the wealth of our good nature. We must maintain hope.

You don't want your crown to develop horns, now would you? 

Have a great and wonderful day.