Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The World is Out of Sync

Feels like that right now, doesn't it? 

The Earth is nothing but a large tilt-a-whirl and we cannot get off the ride. Up down, turn around, side by side... are we sick yet? 

When Mercury went into retrograde, the messenger brought more to us than our usually backfired attempts, he brought with him our feeble mindset. We have five other planets in retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

That's it! Pack it up. Stick a fork in us, we're done: game over. 

Of course the energies can make us feel that way. Sick to our stomachs with a mild form of whiplash and enough confusion to make our nights restless, if not sleepless. Or, we're pregnant. 

Pregnant with our own outmoded ideas that no longer serve us. Pregnant with possibilities we don't know where to begin to fulfill. Pregnant with the person we want to be but haven't had the courage to birth into the world yet. 

So are these retrogrades internalizing our physical, mental, and emotional energies that we may give birth to a new version of ourselves in a few months time? With eclipse season already started, that idea doesn't seem all that farfetched. 

Especially when I drew the The High Priestess - Reversed. She is upside down like the rest of us. She tells us that we are: out of balance, holding on to repressed feelings, and refusing to learn and grow unable to recognized our own potential.

Dig in for the long haul. A transformation of the entire world is at hand, and you are one piece to that puzzle. I just wish the ride came with its own barf bag. 

Pickles and ice cream, anyone? 

Have a great and wonderful day.